STEAM Education stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

A STEAM Education School

Welcome to STEAM Cambridge International School of Stockholm (CISS) 

CISS is a part of the STEAM Education family of international schools. STEAM Education is our parent international body that pursues excellence in education, ensuring that it is accessible for every child, everywhere.

Our STEAM Education is based on strategies designed to engage students in learning at high standards, including academically based community service, civic education, environmental education, place based learning, service learning, and work-based learning.

Kids doing a chemical experiment in laboratory

We want the best for your child, and by working in partnership we can successfully enrich your child’s Education

Our Partnership

CIS is one of the world’s most widely recognized international accrediting organizations, defining educational standards and helping member schools access new international educational practices, gain recognition for accomplishments, attract qualified staff, facilitate student connections with leading universities around the world, and provide a quality international education experience to students and parents.

COBIS, as the largest educational association for international British schools overseas, exists to serve member schools of quality worldwide. COBIS is a rigorous quality assurance organization for British schools overseas that supports schools on their development journey and actively supports whole school improvement ensuring the best possible educational environments for children and young people worldwide.

CISS will seek to offer the International Baccalaureate Programme. Only schools authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) as IB World Schools can offer any of its programmes.

All schools offering Cambridge qualifications must demonstrate their eligibility to do so by successfully registering with Cambridge Assessment International Education. Cambridge programmes and qualifications set the global standard for international education. They are created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigour and reflect the latest educational research.

Founded over 50 years ago, the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) is synonymous with excellence in leading and learning. Tapping into their vast network and resources, ECIS provides opportunities for professional development, promoting and supporting the ideals and best practices of international education.

Young friends creating robot using building kit

Our Leadership

STEAM Education schools enjoy the benefits of experienced leadership and management, excellent facilities, and caring and dedicated teachers. Since its inception, STEAM’s focus has always been the attainment of the highest standards of educational excellence.